Reader’s response: Has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your job or your family finances?

The Coronavirus pandemic is reaching into every corner of the earth and is no respecter of age, gender, financial status or culture. While the physical toll grows each day, the economic toll also mounts every minute as millions of Americans have lost their jobs, shuttered their businesses and pondered how the bills would get paid.
Montague County is a cross-section of North Texas with affluent and economically disadvantaged residents. It is difficult to get a true picture of where this crisis may end up, but The Bowie News asked in a Facebook poll: Has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your job or your family’s finances?
The FB page received more than 40 responses from people who own businesses now closed, those who work at those small businesses or in the energy industry, many now furloughed or released from their job. Here is a sampling of the impact. We appreciate all who took part in the question poll.

Read the comments from the Reader’s Response poll in your weekend Bowie News.