Bowie volleyball coach reflects on great season

(Photo by Diana Higgins)

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Coach Breanna Jones

Thank you all the coaches who dedicate so much time to our program, and thank you to our managers, Katy Higgins, Hadlee Jones and Kaitlyn Crawford. They kept all the little things running smoothly; they kept stats, filled water bottles, washed clothes, filmed games and cheered on every player. Great help is hard to find and they sacrificed a lot of personal time for the program. We would not know what to do without them.
This year will be a very memorable varsity season, not only because of our success, but because of the selfless way the girls worked and played for one another. We had a very talented team this year, and no matter what I asked them to do, they did it with all their heart.
It didn’t matter if their role was teammate, playing one, two, three, or six rotations; they accepted it and never questioned it. That is exactly why I chose the Mindset theme.
I knew that this team would put the team goals over their personal goals. They had the mindset to be selfless and to not only physically compete, but mentally compete. They all accepted this idea, that is what built the team chemistry and allowed us to be so competitive this season.
Because of their “refuse to lose” mindset during the district schedule, they became not only district champs, but undefeated district champs. To be undefeated champs in a tough district like ours is something that should always be praised and remembered. They carried this concept into the playoffs and even as we lost in the regional quarterfinals, this team showed courage, passion, tenacity and heart.
I will miss the seniors immensely next year. I have coached them since they were freshmen either as the assistant coach or the head coach. I have grown very close to them and really hate to see them go. They were great leaders and each one led in their own special way that made our team so strong.
Congrats to the 2019 10-0 undefeated district champs, bi-district champs, and area champs Lady Rabbit volleyball.
Aslyn Davis, senior, Lady Rabbit Most Valuable Player
Landra Parr, senior Lady Rabbit Most Valuable Offensive Player
Lexi Kirkham, junior, Lady Rabbit Most Valuable Blocker
Taygon Jones, junior, Lady Rabbit Most Valuable Defensive Player
Halle Duvall, sophomore, Lady Rabbit Fighting Heart

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