County taking applications for FEMA project mgr.

The Montage County Commissioner’s Court met for a brief called session on May 19 to discuss the appointment of the Federal Emergency Management Agency project manager position.
W.R. Tucker has been serving in this position helping to handle the massive amount of documentation required with the disbursement of federal disaster relief funds for road repairs. Tucker recently submitted his resignation.
During the called session the court agreed to take applications for the position through May 26, after which they will be interviewed and a new person appointed.
Back in February when the court met with FEMA officials discussing an extension to try and get all the relief funds used, a little more than 70 percent of the 2015 disaster-related road projects had been completed. While a deadline has not been set, the court expects that it will come possibly this year.
These funds stem from disaster declaration related to flooding same from spring 2015 rains. The following spring more damage was inflicted. Through FEMA disaster relief the county was allocated #13,137,353.79 for a total of 138 road projects. There is a 75 percent FEMA/25 percent county match for the funds.