City says one applicant doesn’t meet requirements

Three people have submitted their names to fill the Bowie City Council vacancy, but city officials believe one person is disqualified due to the applicant having a homestead exemption in Clay County.
The vacancy will be filled at the June 22 meeting of the council.
The precinct one vacancy became open when Councilor Thomas Kent resigned on May 15. Kent was unhappy that former Mayor Gaylynn Burris was being considered to fill the mayor vacancy after Bill Miller resigned a few weeks earlier.
The city council opened the mayor vacancy up to applicants and Burris was the only one to make a submission. She was appointed on May 18.
Kent said he was resigning because it would create what he called a “double vacancy,” forcing both to a special election. However, this was not how it played out. Kent’s resignation was not accepted until June 8, so there was no double vacancy.

Local businesswoman Laura Hefley submitted her name for the vacancy. In a surprising move, Kent has submitted his name for consideration stating he wants to finish his term. Another businesswoman, Tawni Jones has submitted an application, but city officials question her meeting the residence requirements to fill the vacancy.

Read the full story in the weekend Bowie News.

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  1. Well as she said on a site we’re she a administrator that everyone must follow the rules or be bann. The. Same gos for the city of Bowie has rules for one running for City council and so on.therefore she does not met the city’s rules and be DQ from running for not following the city rules.

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