NCTC-Bowie resumes welding classes after COVID-19 shutdown

Students resumed welding class in shop work after the spring shutdown at the NCTC-Bowie campus. (Photo by Cindy Roller)

By Cindy Roller,
Bowie Community Development
They start early and leave early, but it is not without progress. It is a hot, Texas summer to host the first summer session of welding, but these students – of all ages – don’t mind the heat.
North Central Texas College instructor Cody Martin opens the classroom at approximately 7:30 a.m. to give his students the early morning hours to learn this trade.
NCTC is currently offering $50 off per credit hour. The second summer session is still registering with a start date of July 15. The fall semester is also registering with a full load of welding courses available to students. Martin said it is never too late to learn a new trade or advance a current one.

Welding students resumed work on their spring projects. (Photo by Cindy Roller)

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