Chlorine burnout begins Aug. 4 for city water system

City of Bowie Water Treatment Plant. (File photo)

The chlorine conversion at the Bowie Water Treatment plant will begin on Aug. 4.
Jerry Sutton, plant supervisor, said customers may notice some minor odor and taste issues with the water during this period as the treatment system changes disinfectant.
The plant uses a combination of ammonia and chlorine called chloramines. Across a period of time those ingredients build up in the system and it takes a change to straight chlorine across 28 days to clear it out.
At the end of 30 days the water should return to normal. The transition to the new bleach process delayed the burnout.
Sutton added they also are flushing lines as time allows, which also helps give a clearer product.

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    • You would probably want to check with the city office, but I don’t recall it being a problem in the past.

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