COVID-19 county demographics

COVID-19 cases continue to mount across the State of Texas and Montague County has seen its cases go up, but its active cases have remained stable for the past few weeks. Inside the Saturday Bowie News find a demographic chart that outlines all of Montague County’s cases since March, their location, ages, sex and date of isolation. It provides a picture of where the virus has appeared in the county. Information based on the Aug. 7, 2020 Department of Health and Human Services daily report provided by Dr. Delbert McCaig, county health authority.

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  1. As a past resident of Montague County and Bowie, TX this is some of the worst reporting I have seen related to Covid 19.
    No one uses the term active cases! Next of all, have all of the recent active cases come back to get a negative test?
    I doubt not. That also means they are still in the shedding phase.
    I get this county, it’s judges and the people want Jim Bowie Rodeo and Second Monday to occur at no cost, but it’s absolutely ridiculous to think in terms of “active cases!”. Are you following a 2 week rule? My friends in Dallas have had it for 5 weeks before they could even get a negative test. Please try to use some basic logic with reporting and for the sake of my parents and friends still in this town try to ensure the “one hospital” and health Director are actually reporting true numbers and not this “active case” mess!!!

    I know how important pee wee football and cheerleading are also!! (Uphauled any judge or government official would allow that to happen in this county).

    Face the facts people! It’s rural spread!
    Walmart is not mandating masks because this county only reports on “active cases”… by who’s authority are they determining active or non active.

    Montague Co and it’s schools are being laughed at again for no secure plan for students or teachers.

    Get it together! I guess we will have to lose a few teachers to this deadly disease before anyone in this town or con take this seriously.

    • Mr. Martin you are certainly entitled to your opinion but active cases is the term used on the state reporting site and within the governor’s orders. Apparently, you are unaware of that. Active cases are the key number in those orders that allow certain things to open at higher capacity or have an exemption requiring masks. You should read those orders and you will see the terminology. Sometimes it is called positive cases and active cases. IE Department of Emergency Management listed below:
      Executive Order GA-29
      The Texas Division of Emergency Management has promulgated the following criteria for a county to be exempt from the face-covering requirement of GA-29:
      1. The county must have 20 or less active COVID-19 cases.
      2. The county judge of a county with 20 or less active cases must submit an exemption form affirmatively opting out.
      3. Counties approved for exemption from the GA-29 face-covering requirement will be listed below.

      We use information directly from the state reporting office that goes to our health authority. The authority from my understanding only receives positive test reports. Based on my information which you obviously question, active applies until the person passes out of their isolation date. We are reporting the information that is legally available through the health authority. These numbers are fluid and changing every hour, each case is different and certainly may go on further. At this time these are the statistics we have. If you think so ill of our reporting you certainly do not have to read it, because I feel confident in the information provided to our readers; however I also am aware there is much more to this statistical data than can be dispensed through our pages.

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