Montague ISD readies Meet the Teacher Night

Montague Independent School district is hosting it’s annual “Meet the Teacher” day before the school year.
Students can meet their teachers, bus drivers and drop off school supplies. The schedules for sixth-eighth graders will be labeled in their lockers.
This event is not required. If anyone does not feel comfortable on campus with other students and parents, supplies can be brought and schedules picked up on Aug. 13, which will be the first day of school.
Masks are required for all staff, parents and visitors. They are optional for students. Everyone will be screened before admittance. Montague ISD staff asks to limit attendance to only immediate family.
Here is the “meet the teacher” schedule on Aug.12:
• 10 a.m. prekindergarten and first grade
• 11 a.m. Kindergarten and second grade
• 1 p.m. third and sixth grade
• 2 p.m. fourth and seventh grade
• 3 p.m. fifth and eighth grade
Siblings may come at the first scheduled time.