Cold snap didn’t hit crops hard this time

This week’s cold snap threw people for a loop as they were enjoying the fall temperatures.
There was a scramble to bring in those patio plants to protect them from any potential frost, but luckily Montague County missed the ice that caused damage and power outages west and north of here.
Bowie recorded 3.33 inches of rainfall since Oct. 24, after many weeks of no rain. Nocona recorded 3.11 inches.
The low temperatures in Bowie during that period also barely dipped below freezing with the low temp reported at 31 degrees on Oct. 27. Last October the coldest day was on Oct. 31 when it was at 25 degrees.
The lowest temperature recorded at the Bowie Water Plant weather station for 2020 was 17 degrees on Feb. 7 with 18 degrees the day before on Feb. 6.
Montague County Agriculture Agent Justin Hansard said this snap did not impact any crops. He recalled last Spring’s freeze that hit pecans and peaches hard.
“We haven’t really seen anything from this, it just added more moisture for winter which is good for the sheet and rye crops. We escaped the ice I don’t think we had an official ‘frost,’ yet,” said the agent.