County Judge says mask exemption is ended

Montague County Judge Kevin Benton reported Saturday morning he has found after talking with the local health authority and state health service officials the state is tracking 35 active COVID-19 cases in the county and there are likely some additional cases on on the list. This increase from Oct. 14 when the mask exemption was announced, now cancels the exemption. The Texas Department of Health is investigating probable origins of this increase in positive cases. Citizens are encouraged to follow the governor’s order urging face coverings in public locations.

4 Comments on County Judge says mask exemption is ended

  1. What if you are allergic to the cotton mask as it sets off my asthma and with those that are not cotton in about 12 breaths the world starts going black and I’m fixing to hit the floor. What do I do?????

    • It is all up to each person, but I am sure there are masks that are not cotton, you might seek one of those out. Stay safe.

  2. Google it’s a wonderful tool for finding nearly anything including plastic face shields, and non cotton face drapes. Please look up alternative for your safety and mine.
    Thank you…..

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