Active COVID-19 cases continue to climb in county

Montague County is not being spared the surge in COVID-19 cases as the Nov. 13 state report shows 75 active cases bringing the overall case total to 455.
Of those 75 active cases, 67 were confirmed through testing and eight are listed as probable through contact or exposure.
The county’s number of fatalities remains at eight, although local health officials have confirmed several additional losses that are awaiting the completion of death certificates before they are added.
The number of active cases has jumped up significantly since Nov. 10 when they were at 58. On Nov. 2 the active cases were at 43 while on Oct. 2 there were only 17 active cases. Of the last 20 cases, 11 are from Bowie; five from Nocona, three from Sunset and one from Forestburg.

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  1. My best friend’s husband is one of five bus drivers for the schools in Bowie, he has severe symptoms, and even went to work initially for several days not knowing it was covid he had, tomorrow his boss wants him back on that will bus driving and she doesn’t care how sick he still is! Said she can force him because he’s been out 7 days. Not only will this jeopardize his own life, he can barely get around, his O2 level is not what it is supposed to be, he is coughing constantly, and they want him around children??!!! I’m so angry about businesses that affect complying to the guidelines because of the almighty dollar I could just spit!

  2. Victoria, your best friends husband most likely got it from a sick asymptomatic child on the bus. He could claim a worker’s compensation injury and sue the school district for a hefty sum for violating his worker’s rights. Any employer that forces a worker to work despite their sickness is breaking the law! Get tested and get an attorney quick!

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