COVID fatalities reported at 14 in county

Montague County continues to be in the middle of a surge in positive COVID-19 cases, but state figures also continue to be unclear as there are almost 90 active cases reported.
Montague County Health Authority Dr. Delbert McCaig said there were 79 confirmed active cases and eight probable for 87 still in isolation as of Nov. 20. However, the Texas Department of Health Services COVID dashboard showed 62 active cases (it does not show probable).
Delays in posting positive cases and delayed confirmation on death certificates continued to muddle public information. McCaig’s Friday report showed 10 fatalities, while the DSHS dashboard showed 14 fatalities noting those certificates run 10 to 14 days behind.
On Thursday McCaig also received a report of 30 positive cases at Advanced Rehabilitation in Bowie. It was unclear if that was just residents or a combination of residents and staff, he was awaiting additional information. The Bowie News requested comment from Advanced, but did not receive a response by press time Friday.

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  1. Do these current COVID-19 numbers include the large numbers at advanced healthcare in Bowie? The numbers don’t seem to change much and we heard of at least 17 in the NH and some other positives. How are we still having large gatherings? And very little mask wearing

    • I do not believe the numbers we have in tomorrow’s story will include those from Advance which were reported on the weekend. It usually takes 3-5 days according to county officials for them to be posted. The large gatherings are under the directive of whatever government entity is over that area IE activity in Bowie would fall under the directive of the mayor the same for Nocona and Bowie since they are incorporated cities. For those out in the county it would be the county judge. The governor’s mask mandate is still in place, but it is not required and mas no enforcement only a recommendation to follow it. During all these months most government officials have shied away from any such requirement.

  2. Thank you for responding. This growth is a sad time. I fear we will loose some in advanced. Thanks again

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