Bowie Council to consider major infrastructure work

Members of the Bowie City Council will begin the new year with a meeting at 6 p.m. on Jan. 11.
New business is the primary topic for Monday’s agenda.
Two requests to use infrastructure fund money will be considered. This fund contains about $3 million and was set aside for major projects within the city. Funds came from the sale of property and other items.
One project would lay approximately 2,400 feet of sewer line from Ussery Street to Mill along the Union Pacific Railroad. This line will provide service for a series of tiny homes being built in the area, along with other home development.

Request number two seeks to use funds to remove the culvert and make repairs from Lamb Street to Nelson, along with the clearing of the culvert and drainage in the Kiwanis Park area and start retention pond construction. A section of Lamb has been closed for more than two years.
The hotel/motel year-end report for 2020 will be presented and a city depository bid will be awarded.
Schneider Engineering will be considered for a 2021 MuniPower campaign to promote and education about municipal power entities and a citizen participation plan for the Texas Community Development Block Grant program will be examined.
City Manager Bert Cunningham is expected to provided updates on the renovation of the city offices, administration personnel, sewer line along Mill, Texas Water Development Board loan and census and city precincts.
The bills, monthly reports and minutes wrap the agenda of business for the council.

2 Comments on Bowie Council to consider major infrastructure work

  1. How about fixing the pothole ridden streets citywide that are almost undrivable??? That would be a start.

  2. Driving through Nelson from Mill to Pelham Park is like driving through a 3rd world country minus the dust!

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