Crews repair leak on 20-inch raw water line from lake

Crews had to dig down 14 feet to get to the water line and six more feet to allow space to make the repair. (Courtesy photo)

The City of Bowie had to deal with a leak in its 20-inch raw water line running from Lake Amon Carter this past week. The leak was first reported when someone saw water running into a nearby creek. Thursday they had to dig down to the line which was 14 feet deep, but the excavator had to go 20 feet so they could make the repair. Due to the depth the crew had to wait until shoring walls could be placed to protect workers. Welders arrived Saturday to weld a steel ring around the pipe near the joint where the concrete had broken away and the line rusted. No water service was impacted.

This photo shows the shoring walls that were installed to protect the repair crew from collapsing walls. The line was 14 feet down and another six feet was needed to provide space to make the welding repairs. (Courtesy photo)