TxDOT issues update on road conditions

  WX ROAD CONDITION ALERT Thursday, Feb. 18th 4:00PM     February 18, 2021  4:00 PM
WICHITA FALLS DISTRICT   –  Major Highways in the district are clear with most lanes open and functioning.  Snowplows were able to work on the Farm to Markets and lesser travel roadways in our nine-county region today.  They will continue rural road improvements throughout tonight. TxDOT will remain on duty 24 hours a day with no estimate on when we will return to normal operations. However, the entire district is concerned with refreezing tonight.
Please be extremely cautious and expect patchy ice or snow on bridge and overpasses.  Black ice is possible since solar radiation provided some melting even while temperatures were well below freezing. Some part of Texas received more snow and ice today.  Motorists should consult DriveTexas.Org and weather forecasts before leaving home.

Section Reports: In the Wichita Falls area, I-44, US 287, and Kell Freeway are completely open. Secondary highways are also in very good shape. Plows have been able to backup the City of Wichita Falls with a pass on Southwest Parkway and Jacksboro Hwy amongst other locations.  TxDOT will continue to work with the City on these state facilities that serve as city streets.  Meanwhile the Wichita Falls team have been on FM’s and will continue working overnight to get better access for our 4th tier roadways.   Archer County US and State highways are clear.  FM roads are still patchy.  

The Bowie and Nocona maintenance crews are reporting US 287, US 81 N, and US 82 in Montague county as clear. They have been very successful with the FM roads and report that the snow is blading off well.  
Gainesville is running 2 crews around the clock.  All their roads are passible, but they continue to clean up for better service. I-35 and US 82 are their primary roadways.  
The Henrietta team has US 287, US 82, and State highways well maintained throughout Clay county.  They have directed their attention to the FM roads in rural parts of Clay.   Seymour Maintenance’s main US and State highways are clear. FM’s have been plowed but some have thin patches of snow remaining.  
Throckmorton county is reporting that all roads are open and passable. Watch for patchy snow or ice especially on the lesser travel roadways overnight.   Young county roads are all open and passible. SH’s and US freeways are clear while the FM’s can have patchy spots.     If you must drive, check road conditions and traffic cameras at DriveTexas.org or call 800-452-9292.  Like the Wichita Falls TxDOT Facebook page at TxDOTWichitaFalls  or follow us on Twitter @TxDOTWF.