Vaccine available at Clay County hub location

Vaccine Availablity

The following story was posted on the Clay County website this week. The Clay County Memorial Hospital has received 950 doses of Pfizer Vaccine. If you are on their list, they will begin calling you soon. CCMH has been named a regional hub for North Texas, which means there could be long lines on vaccination days. 

​They will give you an appointment for your vaccination. You will arrive at the east parking lot where the ambulances are stored. If there is a line and you have an appointment, you are allowed to go to the front of the line.  Hospital staff will direct you to where you will complete paperwork and receive your shot. You will need to wait in the parking lot for 15 minutes to confirm there are no reactions to the vaccination.

If you do not have transportation, call (844) 603-6048.

Hospital staff will ask for your date of birth, primary physician, contact phone number, and address.

The number to call to get your name on the list is 940-538-5621 extension 131.

Links are available on the county website to print forms prior to your arrival for your vaccination to help speed the process.