County vaccination rate at 28.40% for those 12 and up fully vaccinated.

Montague County continues to lag behind the state COVID-19 vaccination rate as Texas also experiences a decline in COVID-19 cases.
As Texas has begun to reopen people appear to have forgotten about the dangers of the Coronavirus opting not to get vaccinated, but willing to go back to large crowds and events unmasked and with no social distancing. Most of the virus precautions have gone by the wayside and the state’s initially strong vaccination effort has faded.
Montague County Health Authority Dr. Chance Dingler said Nocona General Hospital has not had anyone in the hospital during the last six weeks with COVID-19, despite one person testing positive when they came in for a different procedure. That person had no symptoms.
“We have heard other counties are seeing a few positives, and we wondered if we will see a graduation or Memorial holiday bump. Luckily there has not been much activity. I am sure we are under testing, and we may need to be more aggressive,” said Dingler.
Based on the Department of Health and Human Services vaccine dashboard, Montague County has a 28.40% vaccination rate for the fully vaccinated population age 12 and up.

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Uploaded from the DSHS vaccine dashboard 3 p.m. June 7.