Arrest warrants issued in booster club theft

Two arrest warrants have been issued for suspects in connection with the theft of more than $13,000 from the Bowie Jackrabbit Booster Club.
Bowie Police reported one suspect turned herself in Thursday morning and the second has made plans with police to turn herself in this coming week.
Lt. Randy Hanson obtained the warrants Wednesday and informed the two suspects they needed to make plans to turn themselves in to police. They are suspected of stealing a total of $13,525 in separate actions from August 2019 to January 2021.
“The suspects are Angela Berry, accused of stealing $6,000 and Shawn Villarreal, accused of stealing $7,525. They did not steal the money together or at one time, as it was taken at various intervals while they were serving on the booster club board,” explained Hanson.
All of the money has been paid back to the club by these two women.

Read the full story in the weekend Bowie News.

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    • From I understand from the police paying the money has nothing to do with whether they are charged or not.

  1. Sad day, and this happens all over. Most times it goes undetected. Prayers for all involved. The Booster Club does so much, I hope people do not quit helping over a few bad apples.

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