Reno sisters heading to pump track world championship

Bowie sisters Shealen (left) and Jacelyn Reno (right) are heading to Portugal to compete in the Pump Track World Championship on Oct. 17. (Courtesy photo)

Two Bowie sisters are traveling to compete at the Red Bull Union Cycliste Internationale Pump Track World Championships this weekend in Lisbon, Portugal.
Shealen (24) and Jacelyn Reno (18) are the daughters of Sean and Linda.
The family runs the recently opened Bowie BMX track as both daughters have been competing in cycling events since they were small.
Pump track is a different discipline when compared to BMX racing. It attracts mountain bike and freestyle riders as well to compete.
Even casually people riding skateboards and scooters can ride on pump tracks as long as the surface is not dirt.
In pump track, riders cannot use their pedals to gain speed. This means riders have to use their momentum, or “pumping,” to carry them through the course.
Therefore pump tracks are laid out differently so riders do not have to rely on pedaling like in other cycling events.
“Its all about little whoops, turns and that’s it,” Jaceylyn said. “There are no big jumps. They are all little, lots of turning and pumping through sections.”
Also in pump track riders complete time trials on the course alone, as opposed to racing at the same time, to try and get the fastest time.
Shealen has been competing professionally in both BMX and pump track in recent years, and this was not her first world championship appearance.
Before last year’s world a championship was canceled due to COVID-19, Shealen had competed in 2019.
Jacelyn, a senior at Bowie High School, is still in her first year competing in pump track due to the age limit being 18 years old at the professional level.

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