Split commissioner’s court rethinks SO budget change for new position

Things got a bit tense Monday as the Montague County Commissioners returned to the question of creating a new communications’ corporal position in the sheriff’s office; a request recently denied by the court.
Earlier in the month, Chief Deputy Jack Lawson made the request for the sheriff’s office explaining it should have been included in the budget (the position and the increase in salary), but somehow it was overlooked. He said the staff member has additional training and trains others on the radio programs, so they would like to formally create the position with a salary increase of about $600 a year.
At that prior session, the court unanimously voted no to the request with Commissioner Bob Langford emphasizing all this should have been handled during the budget process, not on into the budget year. It also was pointed out there was no additional money in salaries to handle the addition.
Commissioner Roy Darden asked for the request to be placed back on the agenda explaining he hates to see any employee not receiving compensation for their additional training and duties.
He said he brought this back up himself, not at the request of anyone at the sheriff’s office. Darden said he went to get more information about it at the SO and would like to see it approved.

Read the full story in the mid-week Bowie News.

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