COVID surge sees record active cases across Montague County

On New Year’s Eve Montague County Health Authority Dr. Chance Dingler said he anticipated COVID-19 cases would go up substantially in the two weeks following the holidays.
It was a right-on prediction as Montague County has recorded its largest number of active cases since the pandemic began in March 2020.
As of Jan. 13 there were 293 active cases (est.) recorded on the state dashboard. The previous record high was in January 2021 with 134 active cases. There are 490 probable cases and 104 fatalities.
During the past week at least 10 patients were admitted to Nocona General Hospital for treatment, but doctors report they are staying less time and most do not have to be a ventilator.
The increase in cases and patients also has strained the local health care system as two physicians and a nurse practitioner and multiple nurses and others in health care were ill and unable to work. Clinics across the county are short on staff, as patients fill their offices.

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