February edition

During the next 12 months, The Bowie News will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. There will be many activities throughout the year.
Looking back will offer up a few of the top news or community briefs from the past 100 years of Bowie News coverage including its predecessor The Bowie Booster.
Dec. 2, 1949: Mode O’Day Comes to Bowie

Mrs. B.D. Woodall announces the opening of her new beautiful Mode O’Day Frock Shop at 9 N. Mason next door to the bank.
Rusty Gabbard and the Valley Boys will be there to entertain and will broadcast from the Ritz Theater over KFDX 990 on your dial. There will be a fashion parade that evening and door prizes. Top items advertised include: Mode O’Day robe at $6.98 for a warm rayon suede robe and guaranteed perfect 51 gauge 15 denier nylons for $1.09 regular $1.29. New fall shades and opening week only three pairs for $3.
April 14, 1939: New mayor given job of supervising water and light plants at a salary of $150 a month.
J.C. McNatt, new mayor, took his oath of office Wednesday morning. The main business transacted at the meeting Tuesday night was the setting of the mayor’s salary at $150 a month. Besides the regular duties of mayor Mr. McNatt will be the supervisor of the utilities.
An ordinance also was passed regulating the Bowie Lake which will be opened for fishing on May 1. The ordinance requires an application be made for permits to fish in the lake to either the lake collector or lake custodian. A fee of $1 will be charged for the privilege of fishing in the lake for the season or 50 cents a day. This is the first time since the Bowie Lake was built it has been opened for fishing.
Oct. 3, 1947: Bond proposed.
The city council at a called meeting Tuesday night voted to call an election to be held on Oct. 28 at which time a bond issue will be proposed with which to make large and needed improvements on the city water system and the sewer system.
While the minutes do not reveal what amount of bonds is to be voted on in the election, it is understood at least a total of about $150,000 in new bonds will be needed and probably proposed, $100,000 of which will be in tax bonds for water line extension, replacement, fire hydrants and other badly needed water system improvements and $50,000 in new revenue bonds to take care of badly needed sewer system improvements and extension.
Oct. 3, 1947: Babcock Brothers Auto Supply owned by J.A. Vaughan advertised a new invention called the “Airette,” which was announced as “an amazing new ‘round the year air conditioner – that cools, cleans, circulates, humidifies and heats.”
It is portable and may be used in any room giving conditioned air claimed as beneficial to hay fever victims and others. It is all self-contained, attractively designed and finished. No plumbing connections necessary. Priced at $99.95, convenient budget terms available.