BPD investigates traffic stop complaint

A Bowie Police officer is under investigation stemming from a complaint filed after a May 5 traffic stop near the elementary school.
The stop was made at 7:36 a.m. at Hulme and Lover’s Lane. Officer Paul Magers said he reportedly saw a vehicle “rolling” through a stop sign at the intersection, and he initiated a traffic stop.
The vehicle in question was driven by Brandon Lee Walker, who turned east on Lover’s Lane and pulled to the curb. The officer had turned around after seeing the potential violation and pulled up behind the vehicle with his lights on.
The Bowie News staff requested a viewing of all the body cam and dashcam video, which was provided through an open records request.
The driver then exited the car although the officer had called out to tell him to remain in his vehicle. Walker can be seen in the dashcam video pulling open the left passenger door and removing a child from the back seat.
In the video Walker waves his arm and calls out to the officer he has to take his kid to school. His words are not clearly heard, and he waves his arm in the direction of the officer who begins walking his direction.
The video shows the driver taking the boy in his arms, along with the backpack and proceeding to the school building with Officer Magers following. During this time the officer requested an additional unit to the scene.

Read the full story in the mid-week Bowie News.

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  1. Imagining this alleged violator might be a flight risk? Why didn’t the officer decide to just sit and wait for the parent to return to the car. It seems the video shows otherwise.

    • Um…PRIMARILY because an officer told him to remain in his vehicle. When an officer, with his lights on, tells you to do something like remain in your vehicle, you remain in your vehicle! Has the public forgotten that an officers orders are NOT just suggestions?????

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