County Commissioners to consider VSO juror donation issues on Monday

Montague County Commissioner’s Court will meet at 9 a.m. on May 23 for a regular session of business.
Going back to a topic from earlier this month and executive session is scheduled to discuss duties of the veteran’s service officer as they related to the distribution of monies provided through a juror donation.
The State Legislature recently approved the use of such juror donations for a veteran’s treatment program or a veteran’s service office. However, there is no framework to guide how funds are distributed, use or accounted for.
The court tabled action until these avenues could be explored. Any action would be taken back in open session.
County officials will consider an engagement letter with Edgin, Parkman, Fleming and Fleming PC to conduct the outside audit.
Reactivation of the safety committee and implementation of an accident prevention plan will be discussed. In the past the county has operated a committee as part of its health insurance programs which helped reduce those costs.
A budget workshop is scheduled and county officials are expected to start sitting down to present their proposed budgets to the commissioners for consideration.
Other topics will include: District Court to allow OCA UCMS project; redistribute victim’s assistance staff/administrative salaries in the district attorney’s office per new hire experience; accept the DA’s Chapter 59 asset forfeiture report; consider approving Law Enforcement Support Office application packet for the sheriff’s office; donation of gravel from Texas Panhandle Construction and enter the Jake Tackett property on Llama Road in precinct two to clear a fence line.