PV valedictorian won’t be defined by life’s circumstances

It’s hard enough to become valedictorian of your senior class when you are living in a traditional family, but where does a teenager find the fortitude to strive for that goal without that family support or a home to call her own?
Veronica Gutierrez says she drew on the adversities of her life to drive forward toward what she hopes will be a successful life. The 18-year-old led the graduates of Prairie Valley High School as they received their diplomas on May 20. She was very nervous about giving her speech but laughs she only got a little teary-eyed and didn’t break down and cry.
Since her junior year this honor student has been virtually “homeless,” as she left her mother’s house in Wichita Falls after some difficult circumstances for herself, a sister one year older and a little brother age 13. Local friends have helped out by providing places for her to stay and continue going to school.

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Veronica Gutierrez celebrates after getting her diploma. (Photo by Krysta Woods)