Saint Jo Councilor says ‘put up or shut up’ regarding removal of 4A ED board

Voices were raised Wednesday night as the Saint Jo City Council once more discussed the “removal of Economic Development 4A members,” a topic in flux through three previous meetings. After almost an hour of debate, aldermen decided to defer action until the budget process when new members are normally approved.
This agenda topic was last raised on April 27 when Alderman Leroy Voth wanted to know the length of time in total each of the board members had served, but it was listed as the removal of 4A members. Alderman Randal Flusche rescinded the request to remove the Economic 4A members at that meeting.
Mayor Tom Weger said Wednesday Voth placed it on the agenda so the floor was his. Voth said it was a continuation of the previous agenda as he has not received the board member information.
City Secretary Teresa Fangman said she has not received any additional records from the 4A members and she has been sorting through records at the city office. She said the minutes indicate most of the present 4A members were named between 2016 and 2019 and they were approved last October and officers in January.
Weger said the agenda says to discuss removal, not establish their terms. Voth then stated the board member terms are limited to six years, but some have served longer.

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