Forensic phone software already paying off, fingerprint system installed

New forensic equipment at the Montague County Sheriff’s office has been operational for less than a month and has already helped confirm a burglary and theft suspect in two separate cases.
Sheriff Marshall Thomas and Sgt./Investigator Ethan Romine showed off the new automated fingerprint identification system. AFIS the automated biometric identification system was installed at the sheriff’s office in the last two weeks. It includes a 27-inch monitor, scanner and CPU all part of the package, and they added a 50-inch monitor mounted on the wall in the fingerprint office to enhance examination.
The fingerprinting system joins a trio of cell phone programs that can help unlock, extract data and refine that data into a readable format. The staff has been using CellHawk, a software that takes cell phone data and breaks it down to not only call logs but mapping, detailed connections with callers and much more.

Read the full story in the weekend Bowie News.

Montague County Sheriff’s Sgt./Investigator Ethan Romine explains the new AFIS fingerprint system now in operation at the sheriff’s office. (News photo by Barbara Green)