Injured boy, 12, found injured; couple accused of abuse

A seriously injured 12-year-old boy was found by the roadside after being seen by a passer-by on June 9.
Lt. Randy Hanson of the Bowie Police Department said a person who was driving by saw the boy and was concerned about the way he looked. He was in a drainage ditch along 600 N. Mill.
“The driver picked him up and asked him what he was doing, and he said he was running away, but he was obviously severely injured. She took him to her home and called us. The boy had been out there about an hour,” said Hanson.
The boy was taken to the hospital for medical attention that night. The youngster is now in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Two people have been arrested on complaints of injury to a child, Derek Hawkins and Micah Hawkins, father and stepmother to the child.

Read the full story in the mid-week Bowie News.

Micah Hawkins
Derek Hawkins

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  1. Prayers for the whole family! Isn’t this America.
    Surely there is a much bigger and more involved

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