Water well applications reflect new growth across Montague County

Officials with the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District told the Montague County Commissioners they are starting to see development connected with the new subdivisions, but it is still moving slowly as the projects are sold and get off the ground.
Doug Shaw, executive director of the UTGCD, and Tracy Mesler, chairman of the UTGCD board of directors, met with the court at its Monday meeting. Shaw said there have been 101 water well applications through May 31 with five more in June so far for a total of 106. The historical average is 116 for the year.
“Well applications are a good indicator of growth especially in rural areas where there are no water systems. Who knows what is going to happen with the economy and rates are going up? With all that you would assume the number building houses would decline, we are not seeing that right now, it is just blowing and going. One of the developers up here has done projects elsewhere in the district, they don’t seem to be slowing down. We are a lot busier in Montague County than we have been,” explained Shaw.
The well applications for 2022 are spread out across the county and there has not been a lot done in those subdivision projects with the exception of a few test wells.
He anticipates once that building starts those number will go up. In reviewing recent domestic well statistics show 179 well applications in 2021, the highest point since 150 in 2011.

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