2 teen camp counselors accuse fellow teen of sexual assault

Three teenage counselors have been terminated at Charis Hills Camp outside Sunset after two of them made complaints of sexual assault.
Chief Deputy Jack Lawson of the Montague County Sheriff’s office said they were contacted on July 22.
Charis Hills is a Christian summer camp for youngsters 7-18 with learning differences and social difficulties. Camp Director Rand Southard said all three teens were terminated from their jobs as counselors immediately.
“We contacted the sheriff and reported to all those we need to. It did not involve any campers, and I have received no reports from anyone about incidents involving anything with the children. The kids are safe, the counselors are safe,” said Southard on Friday, the final day of camp.

The case has been referred to the county juvenile authorities. The two females are age15 and 17, while the male suspect is 17.

Read the full story in the weekend Bowie News.

3 Comments on 2 teen camp counselors accuse fellow teen of sexual assault

  1. This is the most inflammatory article I’ve ever read, painting two victims of attempted sexual assault as both stupid and somehow guilty themselves. Did you even attempt to contact the families of the victims to get the other side of the story? Because this version is full of errors. No, the VICTIMS were not “terminated” because that would be absurd and (pretty sure!) illegal. And no, there’s not just a bunch of confusion about the “date” it happened, it happened TWICE- same perp, two different VICTIMS on two different days. How irresponsible to word it in such a way as to cast doubt on the testimony of TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE telling very similar stories of an assault by the exact same perpetrator! This, right here, is why so many victims do not come forward, believing they will never be believed or will be demonized by those who hear the story.

  2. Obviously, all were not safe, and the camp is trying to just save face. This is horrible reporting! The two girls actually quit because of what happened. They were not terminated. I love how this makes them all sound guilty of something. This shames the victims. Victims will not come forward because of articles like this!

  3. Why did the two teens who reported the assault get fired? Why would the camp punish someone who comes forward? What is going on here?

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