Guns, school safety top Beto O’Rourke Q&A at Tuesday Bowie town hall

Democratic candidate for Texas governor Beto O'Rourke spoke to a group of about 200 Tuesday in Bowie. (News photo by Barbara Green)

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke brought his 49-day “Drive for Texas” tour to Bowie Tuesday afternoon and was greeted by a large audience filled with enthusiastic supporters, and an equally ecstatic group of Republican Governor Greg Abbott supporters chanting and marching with signs in front of the Chapman Building.
Very seldom does Bowie see major state candidates visit, but O’Rourke is taking his campaign to every county in the state. North Texas was early on the tour that began on July 20.
When the town hall meeting was announced last week there was a lot of social media rhetoric about mounting a protest outside showing support for Abbott. Some of the Facebook posts even included comments about coming armed with “our AKs, it’s legal for us to carry them,” it stated.
While the candidate travels with his own security which was stationed around the building, Bowie police also were present. Through it all the participants on all sides remained calm. O’Rourke invited those outside to come in and ask questions.

“This is a campaign by and for all of us. Even those who are outside chanting, jumping, even the one who showed up with an AK, but I’m not sure that is what it was. Everyone is welcome to ask questions,” he began.
It was uncertain how many people O’Rourke would draw in Montague County which is a long-time Republican stronghold. Tuesday he told the audience of about 200 he is well aware probability is not on his side.
“Chances are, I’m taking a big leap here, we won’t win Montague County in November; maybe we crack 20%. I’m a dreamer. What matters is we show up for each other. When we win, I will be a governor for all to serve everyone equally. I am trying to earn your vote, your time and effort. Abbott is taking rural communities for granted he thinks your votes are in the bank,” explained O’Rourke.
The 49-year-old candidate touched on many of the campaign’s top issues but audience questions focused on public school education, gun control, marijuana legalization, immigration and health care. He spoke about 50 minutes before taking audience questions.
Read the full story in the weekend Bowie News.

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  1. O’Rourkecould make it into the Democratic primaries and couldn’t unseat Texas Senator Ted Cruz and he thinks people especially Texans have forgotten his comment about taken thier ARs and Asks

    • And if you seriously think continuing to own an AR-15 or an AK is more important than ensuring the children in this state can go to school without worrying about being gunned down by some maniac, than you need to very seriously examine your priorities.

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