Safety a top priority in school planning


While this week’s Bowie Independent School District meeting was focused on budget issues, it also discussed pressing issues for the new school led by school safety.
In June the district received letters from the governor and Texas Education Agency on required school safety action steps to be completed before the first day of school. The push on school safety of course was prompted by the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde.
Superintendent Blake Enlow previously explained those include the local agency’s safety and security committees to review the emergency operation plans and the active threat plan, ensure all staff including substitutes are trained on their specific agency and campus safety procedures, schedule mandatory drills for the school year, ensure all threat assessment team members are trained and review and if necessary update access control procedures. Enlow said these are already in the works and would be completed.
Two new items joined that list: A summer targets partial safety audit and an exterior door safety audit. Enlow explained TEA and the Texas School Safety Center have prepared an audit tool of 50 questions for each instructional facility with half related to campus procedures and the other half to the campus physical plant.
As part of that audit each district must inspect every exterior door of each instructional facility. The purpose according to TEA is to verify each door closes and locks as intended to ensure appropriate levels of campus security the letter states. Once completed the district can take steps to immediately remedy any issues. Enlow said this audit must be complete and sent to the TSSC before Sept. 1.

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