Should you get stuck on the magnetic eyelash trend?

07/06/2018 0

Women have long relied on false eyelashes to intensify their natural lashes with thickness and length. False eyelashes have come in many varieties through the years, from the classic adhesives to lash extensions individually woven […]

How to choose the right cosmetic products

06/22/2018 0

The global cosmetic and beauty industry continues to evolve and thrive. Each day, new formulations for skin, hair, nails, and more arrive on store shelves, beckoning shoppers to give them a try. According to Allied […]

Increasingly popular beauty trends

04/11/2018 0

Fashion is fickle, and so are the techniques men and women rely on to look and feel great. Because trends change so often, it can be challenging to figure out which have staying power and […]

Is airbrushed makeup the way to go?

04/05/2018 0

Hair and makeup is an important part of wedding day planning. Brides and grooms want to look their best on their wedding days, when they will no doubt take dozens of photos, if not more. […]


02/20/2018 0

I just realized I am not sharing hair tips these days! So, today’s post is on hair and a beneficial DIY hair concoction. We all know hair oil and massaging is very important for hair growth […]

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