How to curl your hair: Wavy curls

02/21/2017 0

By Ashley Stock Wavy hair makes me happy.  It means less blow drying, less brushing, less straightening, and more volume. Many of you have emailed me wondering how I get the lose wavy curls in […]

Your foolproof concealer map

02/07/2017 0

By Deven Hopp Concealer. It’s every woman’s trusted confidant. Always there for her–cooperating when her skin isn’t. Naturally, we’ve developed a strong bond with our favorite concealer. Thanks to the immeasurable time we’ve spent together, […]

How to choose the best hair brush

01/24/2017 0

By The Indian Spot Hair brush is something we use almost every day. People normally use the wide toothed comb, but you certainly cannot rely on it for every hair style or hairdo. Different brushes […]

50 festive Christmas nail art designs

12/14/2016 0

By Styletic Christmas is coming soon, and it doesn’t only pertain to ornaments, decorations, crafting and picking gifts for your loved ones. There are countless ways you can show off your personal style and creativity […]

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