Mentoring program very reward for participants

05/02/2016 0
Barbara, From the moment you presented Build a Better Bowie, I wanted to submit the idea of the Bowie School mentor program that Mr. Mark Neese recently implemented at Bowie Elementary and is assisting at all […]

Getting a fresh perspective on Bowie

04/22/2016 0
Post submitted by John Little, April 22, 2016 In his book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell defines said tipping point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.”  Summarily, his book is […]

Getting old Bowie back

04/11/2016 0
Posted by Kim Cantwell, April 11, 2016 I am very excited to hear about this concept to “Build a Better Bowie.” I was born and raised here, and in 2005, I wrote and recorded a […]

Be part of the solution, get involved

04/11/2016 0
Angie Meyers, posted April 11, 2016 Cory and I stopped by our new Largest Bowie Knife statue earlier. For those of my friends outside of Bowie I will explain later… This was our first chance […]

Mr. Second Monday is smiling

04/11/2016 0
Posted April 9, 2016 I went to gas up my car this morning and came back by the Bowie Knife and looked out at all the activities going on in my hometown. I saw kids […]

For the garden of your daily living

04/08/2016 0
  Author unknown Plant three rows of peas Peace of Mind Peace of Heart Peace of Soul Plant four rows of squash Squash gossip Squash indifference Squash grumbling Squash selfishness Plant four rows of lettuce […]

Unveiling of Bowie knife makes headlines

04/08/2016 0
This week’s unveiling what we hope will be the World’s Largest Bowie Knife drew publicity from all across the region. Along with area TV stations, various publications featured the story. Below are a few links […]

Reader enjoys stories

04/08/2016 0
Thank you, Barbara, for the excellent, front-page article about the airport.  Most citizens don’t recognize the value of an airport to a community, usually ranting about costs and ignoring benefits.  Your article was very informative. […]
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