Use beer to make tastier tacos

03/01/2017 0

Tacos are a beloved dish, and few things complement a tasty taco better than a cold beer. Ambitious home cooks who want to combine these two tailor-made companions can thank the Stone Brewing Co. for […]

Skinny Chicken Parmesan with Spinach

02/16/2017 0

Many beloved dishes might be enjoyed more often if they were only a little healthier. Author and former personal chef Michelle Dudash was once asked by a client if the she could make a healthier […]

Rockin’ Red Velvet Trifle

02/10/2017 0

Decadent treats have become a staple of Valentine’s Day. But not all Valentine’s celebrants want to indulge in high-calorie treats with their significant others. For those who want the decadence without all those extra calories, […]

Prepare homemade ribs for the big game

01/25/2017 0

In 2016, more than 111 million viewers in the United States tuned in to watch the Carolina Panthers play the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. The viewership numbers are even more impressive when international […]

Baked hot wings

01/17/2017 0

Sporting events provide great opportunities to gather with friends and family and enjoy some time together while watching a favorite sport or big game. Such gatherings are not complete without food, and some foods are […]

A gumbo to warm up any tailgate party

01/11/2017 2

For many fans who love to see their favorite sports in person, tailgating is as much fun as the event itself. And no tailgate is complete without ample amounts of food. Those who want to […]

Chipotle Beef With Fresh Tomato Salsa

12/26/2016 0

Many dishes fall under the umbrella of “Hispanic cuisine,” which is popular all over the world. Dishes made in Spain may differ considerably from those prepared in Mexico, and that versatility, both in flavor and […]

Eggnog Cheesecake III

12/19/2016 0

Prep 30 m Cook 55 m Ready In 1.25hr   277 cals per serving (16 servings) Recipe By:Bill Sinclair “This is a delicious cheesecake for eggnog lovers. The secret to a smooth cheesecake is to cream […]

Chicken Stew with Herb Dumplings

12/12/2016 0

Ingredients: 2 cups sliced carrots 1 cup chopped onion 1/2 cup sliced celery 1/4 cup or less diced green peppers 2 cans (14oz each) of chicken broth 2/3 cup all-purpose flour 1 cup water 3 […]

White Bean and Vegetable Soup with Meatballs

11/29/2016 0

Soup: 2          tablespoons olive oil 1          cup thinly sliced carrots 1          cup diced onion 3/4      cup diced celery 1          medium zucchini, diced 1          (15-ounce) can Great Northern or cannellini […]

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