What women need to know about stroke risks

06/29/2022 0

(Family Features) It may not be widely known that women face unique risk factors for stroke throughout their lifetime. Things like pregnancy, preeclampsia and chronic stress can increase the risk for high blood pressure, a […]

Find family-friendly travel destinations

06/22/2022 0

(Family Features) From the sunny beaches of Florida to the mountains of Montana, there are many ideal locations across the country for families and friends to visit together. When traveling with a group, booking a […]

5 healthy habits to help reduce stress

06/15/2022 0

(Family Features) Between work, family obligations, and a constantly changing world, people in the United States are stressed. In fact, U.S. workers are among the most stressed in the world, according to a State of […]

3 tips to maintain brain health

06/08/2022 0

(Family Features) Many people are fearful of developing Alzheimer’s disease, especially those with a family history of the condition. Researchers are investigating innovative treatments for Alzheimer’s and other dementias, but no cure exists right now. […]

What you need to know about cholesterol

05/25/2022 0

Stay in control to help prevent heart disease, heart attack and stroke (Family Features) Understanding and improving cholesterol is important for people of all ages, including children and teens. Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels can help […]

5 steps to find the right doctor

05/18/2022 0

(Family Features) Whether you’re rarely sick or have multiple conditions that require frequent visits to the doctor, having a trusted and skilled health care provider is an important step in protecting your health. A health […]

6 exercise safety tips

05/11/2022 0

(Family Features) In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans are more aware of their health and wellness. Now, as social restrictions ease, you may find yourself stepping up your workouts, whether you’re training […]

4 springtime skincare tips

05/04/2022 0

(Family Features) Spring brings sunshine and plenty of exciting opportunities to head outdoors for fun with family and friends. While those joyous moments make the season special, all that sun exposure can wreak havoc on […]

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