Safe grilling tips for a sizzling summer

08/12/2020 0

(Family Features) When temperatures soar this summer, many American families may be seeking a break from the monotony of their everyday routines. To make the most of the extra time at home, firing up the […]

Create a family-friendly ‘staycation’

08/05/2020 0

5 ways to fill your home with happiness (Family Features) With summer vacations looking a little different this year, infusing new energy into playtime – and making it a family affair – can turn time […]

Kids can save lives by getting active at home

07/29/2020 0

(Family Features) As millions of people across the globe social distance and self-quarantine to help prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus, kids and families can help save lives by getting active at home. With […]

Snack hacks that really pop

07/22/2020 0

(Family Features) If spending more time at home than usual has you reaching for snacks more often, keep some quick, flavorful options on-hand to help fuel you and your family throughout the day when hunger […]

9 sustainable eating facts

07/15/2020 0

(Family Features) Health and environmental concerns convince many people they should rethink their diets. However, it’s important to know you can make informed food choices based on facts. By working with farmers and ranchers who […]

Make a commitment to more family meals

07/08/2020 0

(Family Features) Spending moments together with loved ones carries obvious benefits like time to catch up and opportunities to bond, but sharing meals actually provides definitive value for families. With restricted social interactions and confinement […]

3 tips for managing your emotions

07/01/2020 0

(Eric Paskel) When life, or the people in your life, push your limits, the emotional load may feel insurmountable. Making sense of the chaos in your life can allow you to rediscover peace and joy, […]

Reduce your risk of another heart attack or stroke

06/24/2020 0

COVID-19 pandemic highlights importance of maintaining healthy routines (Family Features) After a heart attack or stroke, as many as 1 in 4 survivors will have another one. However, lifestyle changes and working closely with your […]

Smart summer skin care

06/17/2020 0

Get back to basics with warm weather skin care tips (Family Features) If you’ve ever noticed how thirsty you get when it’s hot outside, that’s because your body’s natural water content evaporates more quickly in […]

Help teens manage mental strain

06/10/2020 0

(Family Features) COVID-19 may have begun as a physical health crisis, but like their parents, children, teens and college students (or young adults) are likely to experience stress and anxiety caused by disruptions to school, […]

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