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  1. I’m happy to see Sonny and Judy Love pictured here. In a way it honors two of Bowie’s well known citizens: Morgan Love, Sonny’s father, was well known when I was a child and managed the Waggoner Ranch in Decatur. Sonny knew Electra Waggoner as a child on the ranch and shared a meeting with her on the ranch road as he got off the school bus to walk home on the same road. She carried a cane with a pistol in the handle for protection against snakes.
    Sonny’s mother, Clo Stephens, was equally well known as a photographer for the Washington Post or New York Times. She worked on the staff of the Bowie Blade, Bowie’s second newspaper. She frequented the ever popular Morrow’s Coffee Shop which my aunt, Harriet Morrow and my mother, Hazel Smith had just started.
    I have no information about Judy Love’s history but a good lookin’ cowboy deserved a good lookin, sweetheart like “Miss Love”.

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