Restoring cemetery markers is more than just business for Pearson

(Left) Robert Terry and Mark Pearson level a marker at Nocona Cemetery. (Photo by Dani Blackburn)

Mark Pearson of Pearson’s Services has spent the last weeks improving headstones at the Nocona Cemetery in what he calls a labor of love.
Pearson was contacted by local citizen Robert Terry, who has worked the last 11 years to create a database for the Nocona Cemetery.
He also has spent countless hours searching for the names of unmarked graves and recently, new headstones were put in the place of those names he discovered. Identifying 144 headstones that were in the most need of cleaning and repair was the next step.
Terry had concerns the distance would be too far for Pearson, but he reached out in hopes of bringing the service to the community. The Hemphill native was willing to stop in Nocona and take a look on his way through to another job.
“As long as it is cost effective it isn’t’ a problem. I was actually going to Oklahoma to consult on another cemetery, so I stopped on my way through and he showed me the list for the project,” recalled Pearson.

After Pearson visited and agreed to do the job, Terry approached the Nocona City Council to ask for funding from the cemetery bequeath fund and it was approved.
“When Terry contacted me, I was winding down since I had done so many for the year. I had been gone all the time and wanted to rest and had even booked at rip to Washington to see monuments, but I feel fate brought me here if you will,” said Pearson.
After doing 10,000 graves this year, the Nocona project of 144 was on the smaller scale for the company, so Pearson got to work with only one employee, Allen Mills.

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