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A campaign to instill pride, create vision and build on the unique opportunities our community offers as we strive to become the best Bowie we can be.

The Bowie News seeks to getting citizens to think about the positive things that their community special and the reasons they choose to make their homes here. Then let’s promote and develop those assets and move our town forward.

The mantra for Build a Better Bowie is drawn from the 1925 bond campaign to build the city auditorium. That original advertising campaign encouraged citizens to believe in the possibilities of their town, talk loyally about it and grasp every chance to spread the “gospel of faithfulness” to your hometown. It asks you to give your efforts to anything that means improvement for Bowie. Buy from local merchants and shoulder your share of civic responsibility.

“Help build Bowie bigger and better! Let’s go,” exclaimed the 1925 Bowie Blade.

Build a Better Bowie

BBB will be a forum for positive input we hope can stimulate positive action and pride in our city. A place for constructive debate. Those wishing to bash and belittle need not post or submit.

We know the problems, let’s talk solutions and ideas, as we work together toward turning our community around. Follow the discussions and stories about our community in The Bowie News.

Some of the topics will include: Assets, both tangible and intangible; people; businesses; ideas; solutions; and opportunities.

We ask you to take a moment to think about the good things are community has to offer. We invite you to submit them in a comment under the submissions tab. It can be as simple as someone  helping a lady to her car with groceries or a great development idea.

Registration is required as all comments will be reviewed before posting. Only the username will appear on the submission and the registration information stays with the site administrator.

BBB reserves the right to reject any submission that does not meet the criteria. If you have a photo, please email it to [email protected] with tagged for BBB.

We look forward to the productive discussion  that can help improve our community in many different ways.