Officials with Child Protective Services and the Bowie Police Department are investigating an incident involving a high school coach and a teenage student that reportedly occurred on Feb. 1 and led the coach to be placed on administrative leave.
The police report was filed on Feb. 5 by School Resource Officer Travis Fuller after he was contacted by CPS staffer Sherry Stone late in the afternoon on Feb. 4. The alleged incident occurred about 1:52 p.m. on Feb. 1 in practice gym three. CPS requested a police investigation due to the nature of the incident.
Fuller states in his report a 14-year-old male student had thrown a dodge ball striking Coach Chuck Hall in the face.
Hall then allegedly yelled at the teen to get out of his class, and the teen ran to the other side of the gym with Hall following him.
Witness statements are unclear if Hall stopped the teen or the boy fell down on his own, but Fuller reports based on the film footage the two appeared to be on the ground with Hall on top of the teen. The coach reportedly pulled the boy up by his shoulders or neck and made him leave the gym.

Read the full story in you mid-week Bowie News.

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  1. Several things not mentioned in this article, one being that the school did not report the incident in a timely matter. And now because of this, this child is receiving a lot of backlash for it. Without the facts, this needs to be better written.

    • If you will read the full story in the print edition, it states exactly when it was reported to police and all the dates.

    • Are you kidding? They have video footage of the coach on top of a 14 year old boy on the floor and you say this? Thrash him for what???? It was a dodgeball game! Balls fly in every direction all over the place. It’s the nature of the game! The adult in this story needed to ACT LIKE AN ADULT, instead of letting his emotions get the best of him and going after kid!

      • Shut up you moron, YOU need to act like an adult and stfu with your stupid opinion. You sound like someone who looooves gossip and sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.

  2. From all the talk around school and town this kid has been in trouble all year and should have been in iss in the day of the incident for cutting the seat on the school bus.

  3. From everything I’ve heard the kids had been in trouble in PE all year and should have been in ISS the day the of the incident for cutting the seat on the school bus.

  4. Coach Chuck Hall has always been a great coach he was my athletic director and basketball coach at my school growing up. He never put a hand on any student, always fun to be around he’s a great person and teacher for those of us who actually know him and his family. Sad thing these days when kids are raised without discipline they think they can get away with murder.

  5. This kid has openly admitted to harming himself when he’s bored attention. So any bruising should be thrown out unless there is proof that there was no way it was self inflicted.

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