Counterfeit Juul pods seized at Bowie tobacco store

This is a close-up of the counterfeit Juul pods, fruit medley flavored, seized by Bowie Police this week. (Photo by Barbara Green)

E-cigarettes continue drawing fire as people become ill with unknown respiratory diseases where the common thread is vaping, but U.S. Customs and law enforcement also are battling the onslaught of counterfeit pods used in these e-cigarettes with an influx of items from China.
This national trend came home to Bowie this week as local police executed a search warrant at a local store seizing some $2,600 worth of counterfeit Juul products sent from China.
Lt. Randy Hanson said the first contact on this case came Monday with a phone call from Joel Voyles, Investigative Service Company of Fort Worth. He explained to Hanson U.S. Customs’ officials had intercepted a package from China with an address going to Bowie Tobacco Mart, 1516 State Highway 59 North.
Customs’ officials contacted Juul and the company in turn hired the North Texas investigator.
“On Sept. 4 the investigator did an undercover buy at Bowie Tobacco and purchased a counterfeit product. Another similar buy was conducted Wednesday afterwhich we came in with a search warrant that day for the business,” said Hanson.
Police seized a total of 142 counterfeit pods, including 11 chargers, one device and one starter kit for e-cigarettes.

Bowie Police executed at search warrant at Bowie Tobacco Mart Wednesday and seized some $2,600 worth of counterfeit Juul products including pods and chargers. (News photo by Barbara Green)

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