Bowie Council approves updating building codes

The Bowie City Council began 2020 approving several items expected to assist in future development, as well as help repair flooding damage.
The mayor also made a statement urging cooperation among the council.
For years people have complained the City of Bowie has building codes that are too restrictive, which some say hinder development. The city council hopes it changed that perception Monday night as the city adopted the 2018 international codes and 2017 national electric code.
Operating under the 2012 building and electrical codes Code Officer David Rainey said these codes are generally updated every three years, but they have gotten behind. The city staff has spent a lot of time in recent months reviewing the codes.
City Manager Bert Cunningham said code, fire and electric staff have been working on these codes, and adopting the 2018 international codes and 2017 electric code will be less restrictive on commercial and about the same for residential.

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