Nocona-made film to open Sept. 4

Filming for the horror movie “Sick Toys” took place in January 2017 at various locations around and outside Nocona and in Montague County.

The locally filmed Christmas horror/thriller “Sick for Toys” will be released Sept. 4 for digital and video on demand by Freestyle Digital Media.

In January 2017, movie crews flooded the area as Hollywood came to Nocona for the production of the film, produced by independent film companies Nine Ten Films, owned by Jon Paul Burkhart, and Delco-Cut Productions, owned by David Gunning. The movie was directed by David Del Rio.

The 90-minute film stars Camille Montgomery, Gunning, Justin Xavier, Burkhart and Melanie Thompson.

“Sick for Toys,” based on a story by James Oster and screenplay by Justin Xavier, takes you inside the life of Roy, a nice guy who always finishes last. Sick of his current situation, he accepts an invitation to have Christmas dinner with the beautiful and strangely alluring Emilia.

Once at dinner, Roy realizes Emilia and her oddball brother are not what they seem. As the horror unfolds, Roy ends up fighting for his life.

It was producer Burkhart’s vision that brought the filming of “Sick for Toys” to Nocona. Burkhart grew up in Dallas and has remained friends with the nephew of Don MacLaughlin, owner of a local art gallery and the MacLaughlin Ranch.

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