Budget workshop Monday night for Bowie Council

The Bowie City Council will begin hammering out its 2019-20 budget in a workshop starting at 5:30 p.m. on July 15.
City Manager Bert Cunningham presented the draft budget at Monday night’s council session.
There was little discussion as the city awaits the arrival of 2019 certified values to help calculate tax revenues and rates. Those figures arrived late this week and will be examined Monday.
Council members asked to have a salary schedule of employees for the workshop. Cunningham added no pay increases were included in the draft.
In a brief overview the budget forecast shows utility fund expenses of $10,025,701 and revenues of $12,447,574.
The utility fund transfer into the general fund is projected at $1,150,000. In the general fund expenses are projected at $8,867,848 with revenues of $6,992,011.
All budgetary figures are preliminary and are expected to change as the process moves forward with the council.