Bowie NIE 2015 Week 2

Final year at junior high

By Bowie Junior High Students: Aslyn Davis, Landra Parr and Macie McCollum
As an eighth grader, starting our final year at Bowie Junior High has been bittersweet. Although we’re excited because we know we have high school to look forward to, we’re bummed because it’s our last ride here in junior high.
We have new additions to our campus; such as, new lockers, a new enclosed recess area, new teachers, and new electives.
We really enjoy these new electives because it gives us more opportunities to dig deeper into our strengths and learn more about ourselves in different and more unique ways. We feel that our new teachers really fit in here at our school.
They have succeeded at their attempt to make our campus a more fun and relaxed learning environment.
Last year our recess area wasn’t fenced in and made some of us feel uncomfortable because of safety reasons.
Now that it is fenced in, we feel much better about running around and playing without worrying about our safety. This year is our third year in junior high and we finally use our lockers!
Over the summer, the school hired workers to come and fix our lockers. They were beat up, and we didn’t want our stuff to be in there. They have made them smoother, shinier, and they’re even a new shade of maroon!
We’re looking forward to watching our boys play football and our girls play volleyball!
Athletics in junior high isn’t as competitive as it is in high school, but we have new coaches that we think will help us do what we love most; WIN!
Our last ride might be a little hectic, but overall, we’re excited about this school year and the wonderful journey we will take!

Bowie Intermediate

Students give a thumbs up for science.