Crime Stoppers seeking board members

Montague County Crime Stoppers has been working for the last two years to assist law enforcement with locating and arresting at-large suspects of crime.
This is accomplished by tips collected through a system which allows callers to relate information while remaining anonymous.
During this time the CS calling system and internet access has been set up, training has been ongoing and funds are coming in to the program. Board officers are in place and will be for the next years.
The board has received continued support from the sheriff’s office as well as the other agencies in Montague County.
Now it can be your turn to become involved. Crime Stoppers is actively recruiting residents of the county to be board members.
The Crime Stoppers Board meets monthly in Montague to review business issues, hear a summary of the tips called in and to consider rewards if appropriate.
If you would like to become a part of Crime Stoppers, it is an easy process.
Call the Montague County Sheriff’s office at 894-2871. Leave your contact information and someone will call back with details about the board.