STORM CENTER: Yes, I watch pro wrestling

Okay, you can’t officially see it.
But, I’m holding a white flag of surrender. Why? That’s because I am an ardent fan of professional wrestling.
That’s ever since the 1980s when I watched WWE Superstars of Wrestling in my Connecticut living room on Saturday mornings.
Some of you may have seen me on Monday nights at a local sports bar watching WWE RAW. Thank you to the staff at this restaurant for allowing me to indulge in my guilty pleasure.
If I don’t have an event to cover on a Monday night, I’ll watch RAW at the Rack. I get into it. Please stop by and see the “entertainment.”
I’m now wearing a wry smile, just like in my Storm Center column photo.
This past Monday’s RAW was made more memorable for the fact it was live from the XL Center in Hartford, Conn., where I have seen countless WWE programs.
Yes, I’ve had scores of people come and tell me pro wrestling isn’t real. I’ve known that for years.
It’s sports entertainment. It’s scripted like a fine Hollywood production with slick writing, editing and camera angles.
Pro wrestling is a male soap opera, with gladiators playing heroic and villainous parts. Someone portrays a heel like Stefano DiMera and someone portrays the face like Bo Brady (both are “Days of Our Lives” characters). Read more of this column in the Bowie News.

Bowie News sports editor Eric Viccaro. (News photo by Ryan Evans)