Easy Street Shelter – Saint Jo Animal Shelter striving to help the lost and abandoned


It has been a rocky road for Easy Street Animal Shelter in Saint Jo, but the vision for a no-kill facility to serve the community is finally taking shape.

The idea for a shelter was sparked about 10 years ago by Saint Jo Veterinarian Dr. Sharon Gaston, who operates Cactus Clinic. She recalls talking up the idea in 2004 or 2005, and there was interest from the community to move forward.

With the project moving ahead, Gaston was seriously injured in an accident during the Jan. 1, 2006, wildfires while she was trying to rescue some horses that were in danger. Her road to recovery from her head injuries has been very difficult and is still “ongoing,” she says as her capabilities are not what they use to be.

Back working at the clinic, her desire to provide a safe environment for homeless and abandoned animals never wavered. In the last two years, volunteers have helped get it off the ground. The Easy Street Shelter formed a nonprofit 507(c)(3)corporation and a board was established.

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