Saint Jo NIE Week 31

Elementary PAWS Winners

Saint Jo Elementary PAWS winners for the week of March 27 were: Elena David, Gracie Hale, Cara Vogel, Zayne Edwards, Wyatt Lucas, Autumn Buckman, Max Nunneley, Sam Martin, Wesley Hamblin, Max Koesler, Gage Ice, Tatum Morman, Andrea Sanchez, Kason Sparkman, Francesca Voth and Reese Dunn.

Saint Jo High School

The young ladies of Saint Jo High School recently had the pleasure of hearing nationally renowned, local artist Donna Howell-Sickles speak. Howell-Sickels used the women of her artwork to connect with the students. She was an encouragement to the young ladies to pursue their passions, use their “voice,” and to be involved locally to help make a difference. SJHS was grateful for the opportunity!